Day Trip Ideas …explore the beauty of Lindos

Lindos beach: The Superb beach. Deep sandy waters and superb color that is offered for play and relaxation. Viewing the beautiful city and the castle is a beach that you have to visit.

Lindos Village: At the foot of a steep cliff surrounded by the sea is the traditional settlement of Lindos. At the top of the same rock is the Acropolis for centuries, gazing proudly at the archipelago. The ancient Greek beauty in all its greatness combined with the picturesque beauty of the village of Lindos.

The Church of the Panagia in Lindos: It is located in the center of Lindos and it is the 14th century with an octagonal dome, whitewashed walls, and ceramic roof. Very beautiful and distinctive bell tower and a rich collection of museum ecclesiastical exhibits. Impressive white and black pebble floor, wood-carved icon screen and beautiful frescoes that surely steal visitors’ looks.

Tsabika museum: Just before Archangelos you will meet the church of Panagia Tsambika with the small museum next to it. It is a worship place and a holy pilgrimage to the Virgin Mary. In the Monastery, you will find the miraculous icon of Panagia Tsambika. It was found on the hill just across, above the homonymous beach.

Things you can do, while you are in Lindos

√   Water Sports

√   Kitesurfing

√   Windsurfing

√   Donkey Ride

√   Lindos Full Day Cruise

√   Shopping

√   Swim at St Paul’s bay

 √   Swim at Vlycha Beach

√   Visit the Acropolis of Lindos

√   Visit Butterfly Valley

√   Visit Seven Springs

√   Visit Kalithea Springs